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Q � What is zoning?
A � Zoning is when a home is divided into zones or areas. Each zone receives its own thermostat and controls its temperature and return air circulation independently within each zone.

Q � How does zoning work?
A � Zoning systems use dampers in the ductwork that open and close as needed based on each zone�s thermostat settings. When a zone doesn�t need to be heated or cooled, the dampers close to save energy and maximize comfort elsewhere.

Q � Why have I not heard about zoning before?
A � Zoning has actually been around for years. It has been used more in a commercial application than in a residential setting. Zoning is a specialized service that not all H.V.A.C companies offer. Most heating companies are in the production, change out, replacement and service side of the industry. PPS Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. specializes in zone control systems, providing the service to its custom homebuilder clients as well as its residential retrofits and remodels.

Q � How do I know if zoning would help me?
A � In most cases zoning can be quite helpful to homeowners. Whether you live in a 2 story home or a single level home, zoning can help reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable environment that you control.

Q � Can I save money on my energy bill with zoning?
A � Absolutely. Homeowners can save up to 33% on their energy bills with zoning when combined with a programmable thermostat.

Q � Is zoning expensive?
A � Not really. The cost of the zoning when compared to the overall cost of the home is minimal and in most cases, costs can be recouped in a relatively short period of time. The benefits of zoning are many. More comfort, more control and more savings. It just makes sense.


Q � Is zoning considered environmentally friendly or green?
A � Absolutely. Zoning definitely contributes to conservation. With zoning you�ll only be heating and cooling zones or areas as needed, thus saving energy. Homeowners can save up to 33% on their utility bills with zoning when combined with a programmable thermostat.

Q � Is zoning convenient and efficient?
A � Yes. With the flexibility of a thermostat in each zone, there is no more cranking up the settings in one area to affect another.

Q � Is zoning only used in new construction?
A � No. Zoning can be retrofitted in existing homes if there is adequate access to the ductwork, such as in a crawl space. Zoning is often times the best solution in providing and controlling comfort in cases of remodeling and home additions.

As a builder, why is zoning important to me?
A � Zoning is important to the custom homebuilder because it offers the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Zoning gives the custom homebuilder an edge. Zoning enables the homebuilder to put a better product in the marketplace. Zoning is a solution homebuilders have been looking for, far fewer call backs, happier homeowners and better all around comfort system in the homes they build. Zoning as an investment although relatively inexpensive can provide big returns.

Zoning Solution Example:

Why is the upper floor of a two story home always hotter than the lower level?
A � Simple. Heat rises. Solution: Zoning. When a two story home is zoned into two zones, each level receives its own thermostat. Now the homeowner can control the temperature on each level independently. If the two story home is zoned into three zones, in most cases the third zone would be the master bedroom. End result. Each level and the master bedroom have its own thermostat.

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Comfort Begins with Zone Control
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