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 Home Comfort

5 Easy Steps to Total Home Comfort

1) Getting Started
2) Heating & Cooling Equipment
3) Indoor Air Quality
4) Controlling and Managing your Comfort System
5) Implementing your plan


1. Getting Started

The initial meeting is where the process begins. Getting to know you and understanding the comfort elements that are most important to you and your family will help shape the type of system that will ultimately be recommended. It is our goal to provide you with the most comfortable system to meet your family�s needs and lifestyle.

2. Heating & Cooling Equipment

You have many options regarding the heating and cooling equipment available.

From electric to gas furnaces to air conditioners and heat pumps, PPS Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc can assist you in determining the best equipment for your home.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Providing the proper Indoor Air Quality in your home is vital to creating a healthy and comfortable living environment for your family. A variety of products are available to address these issues including Media Filters, Electronic Air Cleaners, HEPA Filters, Humidification Systems, UV Lights and Recovery Ventilation Systems. PPS Heating and Air Conditioning can recommend the best products to achieve the best results for your family and home.

4. Controlling and Managing your Comfort System

Zone Control Systems along with Programmable Thermostats can control and manage your Home Comfort System with the touch of a button. The Programmable Thermostats determine when and what the temperature will be and the Zone Control System determines where it will be.

5. Implementing Your Plan

Once the perfect Home Comfort System has been selected for your home and family�s needs, it�s just a matter of scheduling and installation. All of us at PPS Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. look forward to serving you and your family and satisfying all of your comfort needs.

Take the Rheem interactive Virtual Home Comfort Tour  


�  Indoor Unit
   (80% Gas Furnace or Electric Air Handler)
�  Optional Outdoor Unit
   (Air Conditioner or Heat Pump)
�  Programmable Thermostat
�  Indoor Unit
   (80% Gas Furnace or Electric Air Handler)
�  Outdoor Unit
   (Air Conditioner or Heat Pump)
�  Programmable Thermostat
�  Optional Zone Control System
�  Indoor Unit
   (80% or upgraded 90% Gas Furnace or
   Electric Air Handler)
�  Outdoor Unit
   (Air Conditioner or Heat Pump)
�  Programmable Thermostat
�  Media Filter
�  Fresh Air Ventilation System
�  Zone Control System
(High Efficiency + Indoor Air Quality)
�  Indoor Section
   (90% Gas Furnace or Electric Air Handler)
�  Outdoor Section
   (Air Conditioner or Heat Pump)
�  Programmable Thermostat
�  Electronic Air Cleaner or HEPA Filter
�  Heat Recovery Ventilation or Energy
   Recovery Ventilation

�  UV Air and Surface Treatment System
�  Humidification System
�  Zone Control System
Note: The above systems are packages ranging from basic to advanced high efficiency. All systems can be custom designed to meet the homeowner�s individual needs.
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