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Dual Electric Dual Fuel
Rheem Electric Air Source Heat Pump (Outside Section)
Rheem Electric Air Handler with Heat Strips (Indoor Section)
Rheem Electric Air Source Heat Pump (Outside Section)
Rheem 80%/90% Gas Furnace (Inside Section)
The Heat Pump�s versatility of heating and cooling a home along with its efficiency make it the key component in the top two recommended systems. The Heat Pump on average can save homeowners *30% - 45% on their utility bills when compared to a conventional stand alone gas or electric furnace.The efficiency of the Heat Pump is that its function is to transfer heat (not create it) from the outside air to the inside of the home in its heating mode and to transfer heat from the inside of the home to the outside in its air conditioning mode.
* Energyexperts.org: Heating system calculator results for like system comparisons factoring heater type, fuel cost, space heating cost, heater and distribution efficiencies to determine yearly operating costs.
**The #1 Dual Electric System is comprised of two pieces of electric equipment, an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outside unit (electric heat pump) is the primary source of heat and cooling. The indoor unit (electric air handler) acts as a secondary or back up system to the heat pump in the event of extreme temperatures. In backup mode the heat pump communicates to the air handler for assistance to achieve the desired temperature. The air handler utilizes heat strips in three stages and works with the Heat Pump to provide the most efficient results.
**The #2 Dual Fuel System or Hybrid is comprised of two pieces of equipment, one electric and one gas. The outside unit (electric heat pump) is the primary source of heating and cooling. The indoor unit (gas furnace) acts as a secondary or back up system to the Heat Pump in the event of extreme temperatures. In back up mode the gas furnace takes control to achieve desired temperature and the heat pump shuts off. In areas where weather conditions cause power outages the gas furnace back up system can be generator driven. The dual fuel system is a little less efficient than the dual electric system but is far better than a conventional stand alone gas or electric furnace.
**Dual Electric and Dual Fuel system recommendations are for homes 10 years old and newer. Homes older than 10 years are reviewed on a case by case basis. The heat loss on some older homes can be so great; a heat pump would not be the best investment.
The Honeywell Zone Control System offers the homeowner comfort and control of their heating and air conditioning system. With zoning, the home is divided into zones. Each zone receives its own thermostat. Now the homeowner can control the comfort in each zone independently. Now, there is no more cranking up the thermostat in one area to affect the temperature in another. No more too hot or too cold. When combined with a programmable thermostat, homeowners can save up to ***33% on there utility bills.
Indoor Air Quality is important in determining how healthy the indoor environment of home actually is. The Honeywell Media Filter and Guardian HEPA System are designed to improve the quality of air within the home. The Honeywell Media Filter is up to 85% more efficient than the standard 1" filter and Guardian HEPA system traps 99.97% of .03 micron particles that pass through it and are extremely beneficial if the homeowners have pets or allergies.
***Honeywell Zoning Systems Brochure 50-8725 RL 11/05. When compared to a central thermostat, no setback.
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